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For the customers in food service, meal replacement industries and food wholesalers we provide food products with quality assurance imported from Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, USA, Brazil and Asian countries.

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Vestey Foods

Today, Vestey Foods comprises six food companies operating under the name Vestey Foods. We specialise in the sourcing, processing and distribution of chilled, ambient and frozen products in the meat, fish, seafood, dairy, fruit, vegetables, specialist meal, and convenience categories. Today we operate in 70 countries around the world. We build long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers alike, and supply products for retail, foodservice, wholesale, government and manufacturing customers.

Our Role In The Food Chain

We are the strongest link in the food chain, enabling supplier partners to access markets in which Vestey Foods operates throughout North and South America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. We add value to our suppliers through an unrivalled expertise in new product development, logistics capability, and technical and quality assurance. We also help our customers find the right products for their markets at the right price, and deliver them on time.

Our Values

We believe in continuing to develop the dedication, ingenuity and passion upon which our brand was established. We do this by ensuring our key values remain at the very heart of our business. Everything we do is guided by our core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Unity. As part of Vestey Holdings Limited, all of Vestey Foods companies behave a minima according to the same shared values of Honesty, Integrity and Unity. Each company is encouraged to add to it its own specific values.

Vestey Holdings

Vestey Foods is part of the wider Vestey Holdings which also includes Donald Russell and Fine France UK, companies supplying luxury food products to high-end restaurants as well as directly to consumers.

The Origins of Vestey Foods 

The foundations of Vestey Holdings date back to the 1890s when brothers William and Edmund Vestey established the Union Cold Storage Company in Liverpool. Among the first to exploit the potential of refrigeration, they developed cold stores across the UK and throughout Russia, the Baltics, and Western Europe, enabling them to supply large quantities of quality affordable meat, poultry, eggs and fish to the growing UK population during the Industrial Revolution.

In the early 20th century, the business expanded into China, establishing a vast egg processing enterprise from six dedicated facilities on the eastern seaboard. With their fleet of Blue Star Line refrigerated vessels, they were able to supply the bakery trades in the UK, USA, Europe and South Africa for over fifty years.

In 1911, the Vestey brothers expanded their services into meat production, processing and distribution, with pastoral land and meatworks in Venezuela, Australia and Brazil, plus additional meatworks in New Zealand and Argentina. They also acquired market-stalls on the Smithfield Market and butcher shops throughout the UK, with around 3,000 Dewhurst outlets by 1923. The Blue Star fleet grew to become one of the most iconic shipping lines in history, having been rebuilt twice in the years following the two world wars before being sold in 1998.


By 2000, the vertically integrated model by which the food business had previously operated had been broken up, leading to farming, cold storage, and food import and distribution operating as stand-alone companies.

Pioneering and visionary, the entrepreneurial spirit of our forefathers continues to influence the way we run our business today.

 The Origins of Vestey Foods 


Vestey Foods Japan Ltd.

Address 10F West Tower of Yokohama Business Park,
134 Godo-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, KANAGAWA
Postal code: 240-0005
TEL +81-45-339-6552
FAX +81-45-333-1444
E-mail info@vesteyfoods.jp
Established July 2000
History September 2007:  Name change (from Angliss International Japan Ltd.)
December 2007:  Acquired ISO14001 certification
February  2017:  Acquired MSC CoC certification
November  2019:  Acquired Organic JAS certification
March   2020:  Acquired ASC CoC certification
December 2020:  Acquired Liquor license
Capital 60 million yen
Representative Motohiro Noguchi
Products Frozen Foods, Frozen Vegetables, Fried Potato, Pasta etc.,
Production Place: Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, USA, Brazil, Chaina and Japan etc.,
Group Vestey Foods Limited
Noguchi Foods Co.,Ltd
Registration Number T6020001037315


Contact Info

  • 10F West Tower of Yokohama Business Park,
    134 Godo-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, KANAGAWA
    Postal code: 240-0005
  • +81-45-339-6552
  • +81-45-333-1444
  • info@vesteyfoods.jp
  • info@fritzandfries.jp(Contact Fritz and Fries)